Our classic Jakes fare is now also available at our second location – Jakes at The Mill in Amherst, MA

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Served all day

Egg whites available for an additional $1.25
*House-made preserves available upon request*

Scrambles and Staples

The Downtown – $9.75
Three eggs scrambled softly with bacon, caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, and cheddar cheese.
Served with herb-roasted home fries and your choice of toast.

The Coolidge – $9.75
Three eggs scrambled softly with roasted tomatoes, kale, roasted garlic, and goat cheese. Served
with herb-roasted home fries and your choice of toast.

Bagel & Lox – $14.00
Toasted everything bagel loaded with house-made salmon lox, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber,
pickled red onions, and capers.  Served open-faced with a side of dressed greens.

The Baystate “Burro” – $10.00
Three scrambled eggs with Monterey Jack cheese, spinach, kale, crumbled jalapeño corn bread, and
herb-roasted potatoes all wrapped up. Served with sides of pico de gallo, sour cream, and house-made
black beans. Add meat for $1.75

Jake’s Breakfast Sandwich – $6.00
Two fried eggs, shallots, spinach, tomato, and cheddar cheese on a king-sized English Muffin.

House Hash – $11.00
Jake’s House Hash of the Day served with two eggs any style and your choice of toast.

Grits – $9.00
Stone-Ground Grits with bacon, jalapeños, and cheddar. Served with two eggs any style and your
choice of toast.

Country Benedict – $9.50
Two freshly made Mapleline Farm buttermilk biscuits smothered in chorizo sausage gravy with
two eggs any style.

El Paso Ranchero – $9.75
Southern style jalapeño corn bread with refried black beans, Monterey Jack cheese, two eggs any
style, pico de gallo, and sour cream.

Jake’s Eggs – $8.00
Two fresh eggs cooked any style, served with herb-roasted home fries and your choice of toast.
Add meat for $1.75

Organic Granola & Yogurt Bowl with Fresh Fruit – $7.50

Toast choices: Rye, Wheat, White
3-seed Sourdough or Gluten-free Whole Grain (additional .60¢)


Refried Black Beans – $2.00
One Egg – Your Way – $1.25
Hash of the Day – $6.00
Pecanwood Smoked Shoulder Bacon – $3.50
Country Ham – $3.50
Chorizo Sausage – $3.50
Vegetarian Sausage – $3.50
Everything Bagel – $2.00
with Cream Cheese – $2.75
Toast and Preserves – $2.20
Jalapeño Corn Bread – $2.50
Homefries – $3.50
French Fries – $3.50
Sour Cream – 55¢
Pico de Gallo – $1.25
Seasonal Fruit – $4.00
Grits – $3.50
Avocado – $2.00
Kale – $3.00
English Muffin – $1.65
Mapleline Farm Buttermilk Biscuit – $1.50
Mapleline Farm Buttermilk Biscuit and Gravy – $3.50
3-seed Sourdough – $3.00
Gluten-free Whole Grain – $3.00

Build Your Own Omelet

Served with herb-roasted home fries and your choice of toast.
Start with three fresh eggs – $8.50.

Add the following for an additional charge:
Avocado – $2.00
Pico de Gallo $1.25
Cheeses – $1.25 each
Goat, Swiss, Cheddar, American, Monterey Jack, Feta
Meats and Things – $1.75 each
Pecanwood Smoked Shoulder Bacon, Country Ham,
Chorizo Sausage, Vegetarian Sausage
Vegetables – 75¢ each
Kale, Oven Roasted Tomatoes
Roasted Garlic, Fresh Spinach
Caramelized Onions
Shaved Shallots
Roasted Mushrooms

While we offer gluten-free menu options, we are not a gluten-free establishment. Cross-contamination could occur and our restaurant is unable to guarantee that any item can be completely free of allergens.

Griddle Me This!

Pancakes: Three Mapleline Farm buttermilk pancakes G.B.D.* – $9.25 (single for $5.00)

French Toast: Three thick slices of battered and grilled toast G.B.D.* – $9.25 (single for $5.00)

100%  pure maple syrup available from Jake’s Sugarhouse, Shelburne Falls, MA – $1.50 for 2 oz.

*G.B.D. = Golden Brown Delicious… of Course!

Add any of the items below ($2.00 full stack / 75¢ single)

Walnuts, Bananas, Chocolate Chips, Cinnamon Toast Crunch™,
Apples, Pears, Granola, Whipped Cream


Served all day


Soup of the Day: cup – $4.00 | bowl – $5.00
Curry Tomato Bisque: cup – $3.50 | bowl – $4.50
Grilled Cheese & Cup of Tomato Bisque: $9.00
Cheddar cheese on grilled 3-seed sourdough, served with a cup of curry tomato bisque.
ADD: avocado $2 | sliced tomato $1 | pecanwood smoked shoulder bacon $1.75


ADD: herb grilled chicken $4.00 | grilled mahi mahi $5.00 | house made salmon lox $6.00

Side Salad – $5.50
Fresh baby greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, and carrots.
Served with your choice of dressing.

Valley Green Salad – $8.50
Fresh baby greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, spiced walnuts,
pickled red onions, sourdough croutons, and a roasted shallot vinaigrette.

Quinoa Salad – $9.00
Fresh baby greens, quinoa, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, scallions, grated
carrots, and a citrus honey vinaigrette.

Kale Salad – $10.50
Chopped kale, baby greens, avocado, roasted walnuts, chickpeas, tomatoes,
carrots, radishes, sourdough croutons, and a lemon tahini vinaigrette.


All sandwiches served with hand-cut fries or cole slaw.

Baja Fish Tacos – $11.00
Two Mi Tierra local corn tortillas stuffed with grilled mahi mahi, marinated cabbage, Baja sauce,
and a jicama pineapple fruit salsa.

Southwest Chicken Tacos – $10.00
Two Mi Tierra local corn tortillas stuffed with grilled chicken, marinated cabbage, Baja sauce,
pico de gallo, and fresh cilantro.

Jake’s Cuban – $10.50
House-brined maple pork loin sliced thin with shaved ham and melted Swiss on a
pressed ciabatta roll with Caribbean spread and pickle sambal relish.

California Chicken Club – $10.75
Grilled chicken breast with bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and house spread on
a grilled brioche bun.

Spicy PBLT – $10.50
Crispy Pork Belly, Lettuce, and Tomato topped with two fried eggs on your choice of
toasted bread with house-pickled onions, jalapeños, and chipotle spread.

Hot Pastrami – $10.75
½ pound of sliced brisket pastrami with shaved onions and mustard and topped with
melted Swiss on grilled rye.


All burgers served with hand-cut fries or cole slaw.

Add cheese – $1.25
Add bacon – $1.75
Add a fried egg – $1.25

Jake’s Burger – $10.75
6 oz. all-beef patty rubbed with our secret seasoning and topped with griddled
onions and our house sauce on a griddled brioche bun with lettuce and tomato.

Pork Belly Burger – $12.00
6 oz. all-beef patty rubbed with ancho seasoning and topped with crispy pork belly,
griddled onions, pickled jalapeños, and our chipotle spread on a grilled brioche
bun with lettuce and tomato.

Eggs and “Bakey” Burger – $12.00
6 oz. all-beef patty rubbed with our secret seasoning and topped with a hard fried egg,
applewood smoked bacon, and house sauce on a toasted English muffin with
lettuce and tomato.

Chickpea Burger – $10.25
Grilled house-made vegan chickpea and quinoa burger with crispy kale,
griddled onions and a dill cucumber yogurt sauce on a toasted brioche roll.

Something for the Kids

Single Mapleline Farm Buttermilk Pancake – $5.00
Single French Toast – $5.00
BLT served with a pickle – $6.00
Grilled Cheese served with a pickle – $5.50
PB&J served with a pickle – $5.00
Cheese Quesadilla served with pico de gallo & sour cream – $6.00


Served all day

Pierce Brothers Coffee – $2.50
Pierce Bros Nitro Fogbuster Cold Brew Coffee – $5.00 | $7.00
Espresso – $2.25
Cappuccino – $3.00
Latte – $3.25
Harney & Son’s Tea – $2.25
Hot Chocolate – $2.75
Add whipped cream – 60¢
Iced Coffee – $2.50
Iced Tea – $2.50
Lemonade (seasonal) – $2.50 | 3.50
Arnold Palmer (seasonal) – $3.00
Milk – $2.00 | $3.00
Mapleline Farm Chocolate Milk – $3.00
Apple Cider (seasonal) – $2.50 | $3.50
V8 Vegetable Juice – $2.50 | $3.50
Cranberry Juice – $2.50 | $3.50
Orange Juice – $2.50 | $3.50
Grapefruit Juice – $2.50 | $3.50
Harmony Springs Soda – $2.50/bottle
Old-Fashioned Artesian Soda, bottled in Ludlow, MA
Seltzer, Cola, Orange, Ginger Ale, Root Beer

Bloody Marys

Our own house made zesty bloody mary mix with Deep Eddy gluten-free vodka.
Make it a Maria with Espolon tequila.

The Classic
With signature garnishes. 8
Classic virgin Mary. 5.50

The Spicy
Kick it up a notch with Sriracha horseradish relish. 8.75

The Pickled Deluxe
The classic with pickled green beans, pickled asparagus and signature garnishes. 10


Choose your juice. 6

Orange | Cranberry | Grapefruit | Lemonade

Fruity Cocktails

Jake’s Screwdriver
Deep Eddy vodka, fresh orange juice and a splash of prosecco. 8

Jake’s Greyhound
Deep Eddy vodka, fresh grapefruit juice and a splash of prosesso. 8

Coffee Cocktails

Feeling sweet? Swap out coffee for our delicious house made hot chocolate. +1

Espresso Martini
Fresh espresso, vanilla vodka and Kahlua served over ice. 8
Add Bailey’s and make it a Cappuccino Martini +1

Nutty Irishman
Pierce Bros coffee, Jameson, Bailey’s and Frangelico garnished with whipped cream and cinnamon. 8.50

Mexican Coffee
Pierce Bros coffee, Espolon tequila and Kahlua garnished with whipped cream and cinnamon. 8

Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee
Pierce Bros coffee, vanilla vodka, Kahlua and Frangelico garnished with whipped cream and cinnamon. 8

Irish Coffee
Pierce Bros coffee, Jameson and Bailey’s garnished with whipped cream and cinnamon. 8

Amaretto Coffee
Pierce Bros coffee and Disaronno garnished with whipped cream and toasted almonds. 8

Town Liquor Laws prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages before 8 a.m. Monday through Saturday and before 10 a.m. on Sundays.